Virtual Events & Webcasts

Live streaming services to expand your existing events & conferences into the online world.

Transform your traditional event into an entirely online format, with remote production, speakers and access controls for your viewers.

Need to transform your entire event concept into an online only format? We can create a custom, bespoke event experience featuring your speakers, their content and your brand front and centre.

Traditional webcasts often involve services like Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams, leaving your event constrained by capabilities of these services and preventing you from owning the entire brand experience.

A Streamlab virtual event or webcast allows you to bring in your speakers and their content from around the world, using as little equipment as their computers webcam and a basic mic, with options to use higher end DSLR or Professional video cameras. We have suppliers and teams around Australia and the world ready to support you in delivering a high quality, worldwide virtual event via the Streamlab platform.



  • Create a bespoke, virtual event streamed live to your audience around the world via a custom-built, branded streaming portal.
  • No need to travel! Our remote production team can bring in your speakers and their content from wherever they are in the world and produce the full event from our office.
  • Maximise your message – stream to multiple platforms at once and reach your audiences wherever they are.
  • Incredible flexibility in how you sell or provide access to your stream. Require an opt-in or purchase, provide a link to specific customers or open it up the entire world.
  • For exhibitions or wide-area activations, mirror the structure of your experience by splitting access to the stream up into days, sessions, stages or areas of your event floor.
  • Include resources like PowerPoints, PDF files & manuals all in the live stream page.
  • If you’re running an activation that encourages a purchasing decision, integrate call to actions both in the actual stream and the player page that link directly to your signup, registration or enquiry form.
  • Unlimited, highly customisable opportunities for branding, selling, marketing & producing your live stream. Have an idea or want to create something truly unique? Get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen!
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When asked how well a Streamlab live stream met their expectations, our client's audience rated us



Increase in social engagement

One of our clients live streamed a short Q&A session with an influencer on Facebook and went from an average of 68 engagements per post in the week prior to a massive 3,976 engagements on the live stream post.

These results were completely organic and were taken 1 week after the stream before any paid promotion.

When asked how they rated the video quality of a Streamlab live stream, our client's audience rated us