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Live streaming services to support businesses & corporations in engaging your customers, team and the wider community with live video.

Expand your communications beyond traditional live events & marketing strategies with live streaming.

Technology has ensured that company communications have become signficantly easier in the past decade. But in the 21st century, there are so many different productivity tools & apps that it can be overwhelming when it comes to integrating them with your live events or marketing activities.

Live streaming represents a significant opportunity for Businesses & Organisations to engage and connect with their customers, staff & stakeholders, whether its through the broadcast of an annual AGM, company conference, Q&A with the executive team, a product launch or any other marketing activity.


  • Stream your AGM, launch event or company conference to your clients, employees or stakeholders around the world via a custom-built, branded streaming portal OR
  • Stream to Facebook Live, Twitter (Periscope), LinkedIn or any other RTMP based platform. Support for a wide variety of platform specific parameters.
  • Stream directly to Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other WC platform and reach your employees across departments & offices worldwide.
  • Stream to your own company or corporate domain & maintain complete creative & brand control over the stream.
  • Interact and engage in real time by allowing viewers to ask questions or provide feedback and have your presenters or team respond in the moment
  • Integrate slide decks, reports and other important company documents into either the stream or allow downloads/viewing directly on the stream page
  • Provide replay or download access to the stream to your staff or stakeholders.
  • Unlimited, highly customisable opportunities for branding & producing your live stream. Have an idea or want to create something truly unique? Get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen!
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