Hybrid Events

Live streaming services that allow you to run your existing events & conferences concurrently both live and online.

Bring your in-person event into the online world by creating a customised online experience that complements your in-person event by making your online attendees feel like they’re a part of the event, rather than just an afterthought!

As a full service production team, you’ll work with a Lively production manager to design and produce the entire hybrid event from a technical and creative standpoint. No more managing multiple suppliers, our team will handle all of the in-person production, creative design and online components to ensure a seamless event experience for your live AND online attendees.

Take your hybrid events to the next level by utilising a custom built & branded platform and removing the reliance on services like Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams, which often feature low quality video and have constraints that prevent you from owning the entire brand experience.

A Lively hybrid event allows you to combine the best of online and in-person events by opening up your event to attendees who may not normally be able to attend (or lowering the barriers and costs associated with attendance) whilst also enabling you to take advantage of remote production technologies to bring in speakers and experts from around the world to present to your in-person and online attendees.


What can we do for your next hybrid event?

  • Create a bespoke, hybrid event experience that encourages connection and engagement with both your in-person and online attendees.
  • Don’t be constrained by presenters that are local or available to travel to your event. Take advantage of experts around the world by bringing in remote presenters via our custom remote production tools.
  • Maximise your message – stream to multiple platforms at once and reach your audiences wherever they are, including those that may not be able to travel for the in-person event.
  • Utilise engagement tools like Sli.do and live chat across the entire event, to ensure your in-person and online attendees can engage with the event and each other, just like they would in-person.
  • Incredible flexibility in how you sell or provide access to the online component. Require an opt-in or purchase, provide a link to specific customers or open it up the entire world.
  • For exhibitions or wide-area activations, mirror the structure of your live experience by splitting access to the stream up into days, sessions, stages or areas of your event floor.
  • If you’re running an activation that encourages a purchasing decision, integrate call to actions across the online and live visuals
  • Unlimited, highly customisable opportunities for branding, selling, marketing & producing your hybrid event. Have an idea or want to create something truly unique? Get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen!
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