Education & Training

Live streaming services to support education facilities and training organisations in taking their live events and content online.

Share your graduations & educational events with students, family members & the world.

In the digital age, individuals have access to incredible amounts of information that simply wasn’t available in decades past. While traditional forms of learning & education have embraced changing technology in the way they distribute their content to students and faculty members, these systems are not often setup to allow access to the outside world.

This becomes important when institutions look to sharing their graduations & educational events with both past and present students, their family & friends as well as the wider community.

From a marketing perspective, opening up important events & experiences to a wider viewership online can have a huge impact on an institution’s brand awareness, an increasingly important aspect when it comes to growing enrolments.

Streaming these events & graduations via a custom portal on your institution’s domain means you have complete control over  the look, feel & content of the broadcast and associated pages.


  • Stream your graduation, academic event or workshop to your audience around the world via a custom-built, branded streaming portal.
  • Stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter, Periscope or any other RTMP based platform. Support for a wide variety of platform specific endpoints (i.e. stream to various Facebook Groups, Pages, Profiles).
  • Stream to multiple platforms at once for maximum reach (or stream ‘teasers’ on certain platforms to push viewers to the paid stream).
  • Stream to your own .edu or institution domain & brand everything from the stream pages to the stream itself with your branding.
  • Incredible flexibility in how you sell or provide access to your stream. Sell tickets, require an opt-in, provide a link to specific customers or open it up to the entire world.
  • Sell additional institution or graduation merchandise, all integrated into the same ticketing & access portal.
  • A simple user management system that allows for repeat purchasing of any events run by the institution as well as account management.
  • Run multiple concurrent streams (or channels) of different camera angles/event sessions at once to separate pages on your portal & allow viewers to switch between them easily.
  • Provide replay access to the stream to your viewers (great for international viewers), or even allow digital downloads to be purchased, providing an additional revenue stream or value add.
  • Unlimited, highly customisable opportunities for branding, selling, marketing & producing your live stream. Have an idea or want to create something truly unique? Get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen!
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It really was the next best thing to being there and it was so easy to login and watch, thank you!

Lively User, Australia

A convenient way to globally connect and learn. A great way for training to be provided to those who can’t travel or get to conferences. The technology was amazing!
Lively User, USA

It was a simple and effective way to access the event for those who weren’t able to make it, the staff were very responsive and lots of information was covered on the website for those who didn’t understand how a live stream worked.
Lively User, Australia