Events & Conferences

Live streaming services to support events and conferences in reaching more delegates & increasing event profitability.

Events & Conferences present an incredible opportunity for Live Streaming.

Not only does streaming allow you to reach more of your customers or fans who might not have the financial resources or time to be at your live event, but it’s also a highly effective way to grow your fanbase or database.

In a world that is more connected than ever and with the internet providing us access to so much content 24/7, the traditional strategy of hoping to fill your event or conference with physical attendees isn’t as realistic as it used to be. More than ever, customers expect to be able to engage with your brand & events both in-person & online.

We understand that events are both complex and incredibly unique and believe that live streams should be no different, which is why there are so many ways in which you can integrate live streaming into your next event or conference.


  • Stream your event or conference to your audience around the world via a custom-built, branded streaming portal OR
  • Stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter, Periscope or any other RTMP based medium. Support for a wide variety of platform specific parameters (i.e. stream to various Facebook Groups, Pages, Profiles).
  • Stream to your own domain & maintain complete creative & brand control over the stream.
  • Incredible flexibility in how you sell or provide access to your stream. Sell tickets, require an opt-in, provide a link to specific customers or open it up the entire world.
  • Don’t want to sell access? Running a free live event as a ‘taster’ or the first step in your funnel? Streaming these types of events allow you to reach more potential customers at a much lower cost than running additional live events.
  • For exhibition, multi-speaker or sporting events, mirror the structure of your event by splitting access to the stream up into days, sessions, stages or areas of your event floor.
  • Run multiple concurrent streams (or channels) at once to separate pages on your portal & allow viewers to switch between them easily.
  • If you’re running a live event with sales opportunities, integrate call to actions both in the actual stream or on the player page that link directly to your signup, registration or enquiry form.
  • Provide replay access to the stream to your customers, or even allow digital downloads to be purchased, providing an additional revenue stream or value add.
  • Unlimited, highly customisable opportunities for branding, selling, marketing & producing your live stream. Have an idea or want to create something truly unique? Get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen!
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“We’ve relied on Lively to deliver the live stream for our annual Game Plan conference for the past 5 years. We love that their team handles all of the production & streaming and allows us to focus on with delivering huge value to our team in the room and those watching from around the world.”

Linda Evenden

National Marketing Director, JuicePlus+


Increase in ticket sales

Selling out a 1,000 seat venue is a great result for any event promoter or speaker. But selling an additional 433 tickets to the live stream meant that even after costs, one of our clients took home an additional $18,057 in pure profit.

It's amazing to be able to tune in to something like this remotely when you can't physically attend!

– Lively User, Australia

It felt like I was really part of the event. It was great how clear the speakers were and that we could see all the slides as well!

– Lively User, New Zealand

It's the next best thing to being in the room. Highly relevant and practical.

– Lively User, Australia